Twice As Nice Consignment and Boutique

Consignment Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby consign items to Twice as Nice Consignment & Boutique LLC for a period of 90 days starting the day that the inventory is put on the floor of Twice As Nice Consignment & Boutique for sale.  All prices will be determined by Twice as Nice Consignment & Boutique.

If any inventory item is sold within the 90-day period, I will receive 50% of the purchase price for the inventory sold.  All inventory items are subject to price adjustments as determined by Twice as Nice in its sole discretion.  Any inventory not sold within the 90-day period will become property of Twice as Nice (excluding furs and wedding dresses) and will be donated to charity.  If I request unsold items to be returned to me, I will pay a fee of $20 to have my items pulled.

I will get paid at the end of the 90-day period.  I will NOT be mailed a check but I will pick it up at Twice as Nice.  I may call to check on the status of my account.  I may also use my account balance as a credit towards purchases I make at Twice as Nice.

Inventory items are left at my own risk.  I understand that Twice as Nice assume no responsibility for loss or damage to inventory items by handling, fire, theft, shoplifting, accident or any other cause.

Additionally, I acknowledge that(please initial each item below):

_______It is my responsibility to contact Twice as Nice concerning my account after the 90-day period.

_______Checks will be mailed with a self addressed stamped envelope I provide.

_______Twice as Nice has the right to donate items found to be soiled, damaged, or

defective in any way.

_______Twice as Nice donates all unsold items to charity after the 90-day consignment period.  This means I will not be able to retrieve items after I have consigned them. Unless I pay a 20.00 pull fee.

_______Twice as Nice has the right to pull items depending on season, space or otherwise in its sole discretion.







805 Regal Drive Suite 10

(256) 539-5599